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Moreno “Byron” Scalise blends high levels of Ultimate IQ with outstanding athleticism in a small package. Getting blocks, throwing goals and obtaining concussions like it ain’t no thing, Byron has proven himself time and time again. Moreno is willing to sacrifice limb and life for a block in order to get Frasba the disc and change the tide of a game. He has worked on strengthening all facets of his game in the off-season and is prepping to show the world that in 2013, Byron will be King.



Best throw/act:

CIU 2012…diving score agaist Mucche al Pascolo (Bergamo)

Best quote:

You can do anything, but not everything.

Frasba Status:

4th Year

Past Teams:

Ultimate Milano | Atletico Polpetta | CUSB La Fotta

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